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  • <h3>不锈钢游艇配件</h3>


  • <h3>不锈钢索具</h3>


  • <h3>户外登山配件</h3>


  • <h3>楼梯护栏配件</h3>


  • <h3>户外吊床遮阳篷配件</h3>


  • <h3>游艇遮阳蓬配件</h3>


  • <h3>op帆船配件</h3>


  • Binzhou Met Hot Products

    Precision casting, precision machining, surface treatment and other world-class technologies, production and operation of various types of high-grade precision castings and deep processing products of stainless steel. Binzhou Met Metal Products Co., Ltd. has an annual output value of 15 million, and has punching machines, presses ...

    Why Choose Binzhou Met

  • imgHigh Efficiency2000+ products, large inventory, to meet customer orders, reduce inventory costs. Excellent management system to shorten lead times.
  • imgGood ServiceProvide professional precision casting and stamping non-standard parts customization solutions, rich online information support, easy purchase.
  • imgTechnical Precision20 years of focus on the production and research and development of metal products, high precision, good quality, can be customized according to customer needs.
  • imgHigh QualityStrict implementation of quality management system, testing equipment, to ensure that the factory pass rate is 100%, the introduction of American instruments, quality inspection at any time.
  • Binzhou Met About Us

    Binzhou Met Metal Products Co., Ltd, established in 2014, takes up 23000 square meters in beautiful seaside city, Binzhou, in Shandong province. We are factory specializing in the manufacture and export of stainless steel lifting riggings (turnbuckles, clips, shackles, eye nuts and bolts, terminals, swivel rings, thimbles, hooks, pulleys, chains, wire ropes, etc.), deck hardware (cleats, chocks, pipe base, stanchions, hinges, anchors, etc.), stainless steel pipe fittings and ...
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